Creating patient centred mobile apps

for healthcare professionals

Information Apps

Are your patients:

  • disengaged
  • receiving out-dated information
  • losing their handouts?

Custom Apps

Would you like to:

  • measure patient parameters
  • interact more with your patients
  • put great ideas into an app?


You have:

  • questions re app development
  • no idea where to start
  • no idea who to involve?


Would like a mobile expert:

  • at your conference
  • to talk to your organisation
  • to discuss trends of mobile apps?

Patient centred apps

Creating an app your patient can use and benefit from
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Make it APPen's objective is to build apps that will improve the lives of patients. This could be as simple as providing up to date information to the people you professionally care for to something more complex. What is required will depend upon the needs of your patients.

Julie Misson is a nurse by trade, but a nerd by nature. She is lucky enough to be able to combine these two passions, resulting in mobile apps that will ulitmately benefit your patients.

Why a mobile App

Patient Engagement

You are providing your patients with what they expect.

Current Information

Unlike printed material, apps can be update quickly and easily.

Handy Information

Over fifteen million Australians own mobiles, most are within hands reach, so is your information.

Save Money

You will no longer need to spend $1,000s in printing every year!

What our Clients are Saying

Julie: Some time ago you assisted me with some projects I was working on. I was on the web and came across your site again. I would like to thank you and let you know your methods are the best I have ever found on the web. 

Dave Rousseau

"I enjoyed working with Julie immensely and am very happy with the product. She has a passion for talent, and because of her ability to think differently and her abundant experience she is talented enough to achieve it."

Angela Hawkes

Occupational Therapist

BeatPain app

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