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Archive for April 2018

51 Ideas for an app to improve patient care

One of the dilemmas healthcare practitioners come to me with is they have no idea what sort of things an app can do. So, here is a list of 51 ideas for an app to improve patient care. Note: This is by no means a definitive list, the options are endless. I have categorised the…

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Different phones, different platforms

Different phones. Do they need different apps? Apart from some subtle differences such as which has a better camera and so on, for the user, the major brands of smartphones and tablets are essentially the same. However, different brands are built on different platforms, i.e. different phones, different platforms. An app’s platform isn’t a physical…

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Age and app use

You have an idea for an app you think will improve the care of your patients/clients, but what you want to know is will it achieve what you think it will. Will your clients even use it? The answer is: it depends. The main thing to consider is the age of your patients or the…

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Why aren’t healthcare professionals creating apps?

Number of smartphone users in Australia Most people have their smartphone or tablet near them at all times – the typical user accesses his/her phone an average of 150 times each day. By having an app such as BeatPain on their device, the user can access information, if or when they require it, without having…

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How can an App Improve Patient Care

I often get asked, how can an app improve patient care? I find it hard to answer, not because they can’t improve patient care, but that there are infinite ways they can. It’s important to remember an app is not the entire solution, it is part of a complete care package. In no way does…

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