This Workbook is a guide to help you plan and create an amazing app for your patient.  It is designed to be used in conjunction with my book.

Planning and Designing an App to Enhance Patient Care - A guide for healthcare professionals

Use it as a guide to assist you with your journey of app development. My aim is to provide enough information and direction, when used in conjunction with my book, to give you the confidence to have an app built for your patient.

(I use the word patient throughout the Workbook, but it could mean a carer or other user.)

Completing the Workbook

There are two ways to complete this Workbook: work through the Workbook, reading the related sections in the book when appropriate, or start by reading the book and complete the Workbook when prompted.

I have created this guide as a Word document so you can change it as much as you like. There is no way I can know your unique requirements.

You will be completing different parts of the Workbook at different stages of your app development. You will find you will go backwards and forwards, and that there are some parts you can complete now, but others you will have to come back to later. There will also be sections you will not need to complete because they are not relevant to your app or because your developer will take care of them.

Future Apps

This Workbook will also grow and develop as new ideas, resources and adaptations are created in response to feedback. So, if you decide to build another app in the future, download a new version of the Workbook to ensure you get my most current thinking.

Before you start

Before you start I suggest you create a folder on your computer where you can put all your related documents and images, including this Workbook. You can store the Workbook in your main folder (Name of your app) or split it and store the relevant pages in the appropriate sections.

Other information, etc., as you find or develop it, can be filed in the appropriate folder so you can find it easily.

If you do not have a name for your app at this stage, just call it ‘App development’ or something similar, then change it later.

Name of Your App:

  • Images
  • Icons


Download complete work book

Below is the link to the complete Workbook, if you wish to download it all at once.

Complete Workbook

 Otherwise, just download the sections you are interested in. The related pages in the book are enclosed in brackets i.e. (pg 55) so you can easily locate the sections it relates to.

Workbook chapters and sections

‘I always did something I was a

little not ready to do. I think that’s

how you grow. When there’s that

moment of: “Wow, I’m not really

sure I can do this,” and you push

through those moments, that’s

when you have a breakthrough.’


Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!

Explore the world of apps, see what is out there, talk to others who have developed an app.  Discover what resources you will need.

App Store Research (pg 23)

Book Research (pg 24)

Colleagues (pg 24)

Project Manager (pg 26)

Key Stakeholders (pg 27)

Ethics Approval (pg 28)


“Don’t build something clever,

build what people want.“—


Paul Graham





By now, you should be feeling inspired and have a great idea for an app. I am guessing you’re keen to get started on designing and developing your app. But first it’s important to spend a bit of time planning and making decisions. This section will look at defining and refining what you want to achieve with your app, what you want it to do, and making some key decisions about its features. You’ll then learn how to do some brainstorming to prepare for the design phase.

By the end of this section, you will have a robust plan for your app.


Vision for Your App (pg 33); Objective of Your App (pg 33); Target Users (pg 35); App Names (pg 39); Will Your App be Free? (pg 41)

Template (pg 36); Device and Platform (pg 37)

Budget (pg 42)

Disclaimer (pg 43)

Security (pg 45)

User Groups (pg 47)

"Simple can be harder than

complex: You have to work hard to

get your thinking clean to make it

simple. But it’s worth it in the end

because once you get there, you

can move mountains.’


Steve Jobs


Now that you’ve got a really clear idea about what your app will do and who it will help, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty of design. This section is all about what the app will look like, including the size of the font, the colours you use and the navigation options. We’ll also look at creating appropriate and user-friendly content, using images, audio and video in your app, and linking your app to other phone features. And, most importantly, we’ll consider how design affects the usability of your app.

If you have secured the services of an app developer or graphic designer, this part of the Workbook will be completed in collaboration with them. It is a bit more technical and if you do not feel comfortable completing this section, at least discuss each of the sections with your developer.

This section of the Workbook is your own version of: ‘Human Interface Guidelines’. It will be invaluable, not just for this app, but for any apps you or your organisation may design in the future, helping to keep everything consistent.


Design (pg 58)

Font Type (pg 58); Font Size (pg 58)

Your Main Colours pg (64)

Your Icon (pg 66); Navigation (pg 70)

Wireframe Templates (pg 71)

Microsoft Word Readability Instructions (pg 74)

Local or Remote Storage (pg 75)

Website Software Research (pg 78)

App Connectivity with Phone Functions (pg 83)


‘Ideas are a commodity. Execution

of them is not.’


Michael Dell, Dell Chairman and CEO





Now that you have planned your app and you know what it will do, what it will contain, and what it is going to look like, it’s time to work out how to develop it.

By the end of this section you will have considered the cost, flexibility and skills required to develop your app, and you will know how best to proceed.

Your options are:

∞∞Hiring a local developer

∞∞Hiring a developer from another country (usually via the Internet)

∞∞Using a template service

∞∞Utilising a similar, existing app.


Choosing a Developer (pg 87); Developer Checklist (p 89)


‘I resolved to stop accumulating

and begin the infinitely more

serious and difficult task of wise



Andrew Carnegie



Once your app has been completed by you or your developer, you’ll probably be dying to get it out to your patients. But before you do that, it is absolutely essential that you test it. You don’t want users to find it’s difficult to use or doesn’t meet their needs once it’s too late to make changes. However, the testing phase is a good time to start thinking about how you will distribute the app. How and from where will your patients download it? Will you assist with the download and provide guidance? These are important questions. By the end of this section you will have a tested and viable app, will know the best places to host it, will have developed both a plan and action steps to inform your patients about it, and help them understand how to download and use it.


Testing Your App (pg 102)

Testing Your App Checklist (pg 104)

Launching Your App (pg 109)

Uploading Your App to the App Store (pg 110)


‘One never notices what has been

done; one can only see what

remains to be done.’


Marie Curie




Now that your app is up on the Web and your patients are downloading and using it, you are no doubt feeling pleased with yourself—and so you should! But the work does not stop here. How will you update your app if you identify errors or if the information it contains changes? How will you know how often the app is being downloaded and used? How will you determine if your patients understand the content?


Feedback (pg 121);

Key Performance Indicators (pg 125)



1 Wireframe Templates

A guide as to what you might like to include in your wireframe.

2 Microsoft Word Readability

After completing a spelling and grammar check MS Word can provide you with a 'readability' score.

3 Internet Resources

A list of various websites to assist you with developing your new app.

4 Project & Time Management Plan

A table providing you with an estimate of how long it may take to complete each step in the creation of your app.